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Maku 2.75 by Zsantz Maku 2.75 by Zsantz
Never let it be said that I don't take suggestions, comments, critiques and consider them. I do. So I started by modifying the r,s,v, & w of Maku. That led me to change the M, S, V, and W. I followed this up with changing the d, g, p, and q. And then I changed the Y, and why not? So here you have it, Maku 2. Enjoy, oh, and I kept the older version of Maku, just in case.
MartinSilvertant Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Professional General Artist
The longer descenders are definitely an improvement. The /Y takes getting used to but I quite like it. The W not so much.

The condensed /m has a much better rhythm and the /r looks more beautiful. Kerning pairs seem more necessary now though because of the big space on the right side of /r.

As for /s and /v, I'm not quite sure what you were trying to pull off. Both letters are too light now, particularly /s. The high contrast doesn't go well with the other letters. I see you also have a high contrast in letters like /b, but it's much more concentrated there. The shape of /s is improved but for the contrast I would switch back to the previous version. As for /v, I think you might have to make the top right side bolder and only let it get smaller near the apex.
Zsantz Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Well, the W is a work in process, I went through three versions. And I'm still working on the Ses. The W for now is a variation on the V, but I thought of flipping and modifying the M into the W.
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March 19, 2013
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